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t h e   n i n e s
A Black Label that sets a gold standard…
When we released the inaugural 2011 vintage of the Nines, it was a new wine with a fresh Black Label with only a fraction of the attention it has today.  With a Wine Spectator feature and a buzz created by those who had the fortunate chance to try it in our Tasting Room, it quickly became our most sought after wine, not only setting records on how quickly it sold out, but also worthy of breeding a whole new tier of single varietal wines.  When Members inquire if we still have this high scoring 2011 in our cellar, we have found a solution in the form of its matched counterpart, 2017 The Nines.  It takes us back to our roots in terms of why we started this project and the wines we want to make: bold and powerful, expressive and nuanced.  In terms of standards, this wine is classed as “to the nines” amongst Grenache of its caliber and truly a wine that makes us all stop in our tracks year after year.
i n t r e p i d

Back-to-back, from white to black…
In the beginning, Intrepid was the benefactor of all the Syrah blocks in our vineyard, and as many know, making an absolutely incredible wine. As vintages passed, we noticed the same three blocks producing fruit that were truly distinct to our site. They were powerful, dark and decadent, all while remaining brilliant on the palate. The 2017 Intrepid not only rivals its predecessors in terms of high scores, but more impressively in concentration, beauty, and complexity, and is even more expressive in its youth. Its only flaw we find to be is case production; continuously selling out in a matter of days!

p r i m a
In the know of Mourvèdre……
Single varietal Mourvedre is a rarity that has become an obsession for collectors and wine lovers lucky enough to get their hands on one. Whether the infatuation starts with its power and evolutionary structure, or its succulent cascade of fruits and herbs riding a black velvet texture, the only commonality is that there is not enough to satisfy wine drinkers across the world. In trend, the 2017 Prima is the smallest production wine we have ever made, but the two small sun soaked blocks that this wine was born from, have parented some of the most complex and compelling fruit of the vintage. There is no changing the scarcity of the 2017 Prima, but no doubt this is a gem of the decade when it comes to wine.

f i r s t   t r a c k s
Stealing the spotlight…
A few months ago, our General Manager, Oliver, hosted ten wine lovers and collectors for a casual blind tasting. Guests brought a single varietal wine in hopes of receiving best of show.  Top producers from Napa, Washington, Northern and Southern Rhone were brown bagged and deductively tasted. Then wine #9 was poured…silence. Quickly following the silence, the table erupted in joyous banter, with many of the guests claiming they knew the producer of this wine (south of Paso Robles, and usually mispronounced), and that it was truly incredible.  In the end, wine #9 was unanimously the wine of the night, and upon unveiling everyone was shocked to get both the varietal and producer wrong. Someone in the group (not Oliver) broke the rules on single varietal submission, and snuck in our show stopping 2017 First Tracks.

s o p h
And yet another layer…
Last year, Winemaker, Philipp Pfunder, brought a few glasses of white wine to share during a staff meeting. It was reminiscent of Soph in texture, brilliance of flavors, complexity and length, but there was something different (in a really good way)! While Soph has always carried an unparalleled vibrancy, the wine in our glass was electric, with an invigorating tension that pulled across layers of fruit, minerality and floral notes. After hearing the staff’s rave reviews, Phil smiled and revealed the wine to be our 2019 Soph! True to previous vintages, it had a beautiful richness and an unctuous texture; a red wine drinker’s white with terrific length. The difference in this current vintage was allowing only half of the Roussanne, Marsanne and Clairette Blanche to go through the malolactic process, which has given Soph even more momentum in its elevated complexity and brilliance from this added level of freshness.