42% Grenache, 41% Mourvedre, 11% Carignan, 6% Syrah   
Everyone’s favorite spring and summer time vice is back again and with astonishing brilliance! This Bandol inspired Rose dazzles with purpose and distinction. Its captivating copper-pink hue will draw you in with anticipation, while wafting notes of rose petal and magnolia aromatics welcome you. Crisp watermelon, fresh strawberry and sliced peaches begin their dance as they wash over your palate, accompanied by hints of minerality, before engulfing the palate with an electric acidity. This Rose is sure to leave your mouth watering and a craving to experience it again. Fair warning... this is one wine you are going to want to stock up on as it's notorious for its disappearing act. 

Releases February 6th, 2023! Shipping March 20th (weather permitting)