2020 Soph

49% Roussanne, 26% Marsanne, 25% Clairette Blanche    $82
The three varieties that make up our beloved Soph create a unique harmony of richness, tension and freshness. Roussanne is all texture with ripe pear, Marsanne brings lovely floral aromatics, while the Clairette provides a bright zest. On the nose, it boasts ripe, almost candied lemon characteristics as well as some more tropical hints, all supported by magnolia and citrus blossom. On the palate Soph’s inredible texture remains silky, composed and balanced with perfect acidity to match the considerable opulence and concentration that this wine effortlessly exhibits.

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Released to Members February 1, 2022.
Wine Specs
49% Roussanne, 26% Marsanne, 25% Clairette Blanche
Paso Robles
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